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Big Hitters State Ranked Summer Tennis at USM


At University School of Milwaukee’s Jim Laing Outdoor Tennis Center

June 10 – July 26 & Aug. 5 - Aug. 9
Closed 7/4, 7/5, & 7/29 - 8/2

         U10                              U12, U14                         U14, U16, U18
  8:00-9:30 a.m.               8:00-10:00 a.m.                   9:00-11:00 a.m.

Register for 1.5 or 2-hour blocks that fit into your schedule!
                             U10 only                                                          U12-U18 only
               One 1.5-hour session:       $29                        One 2-hour sessions:     $38                               Five 1.5-hour sessions:      $115                      Five 2-hour session:       $150                Ten 1.5-hour sessions:     $215                     Ten 2-hour sessions:      $280

Payment due prior to court use.

Call Andy Paley at 414.687.1555 to schedule court dates and for
approval to participate in this advanced program for state-ranked players only.
Refine your game.....Advance your skills….. Challenge your game

Play with top competitors….. Move toward excellence

Receive feedback from some of the area’s top coaches
Questions may be addressed to Coach Andy Paley (414) 687-1555

Mail registration and fee to: University School of Milwaukee – Big Hitter Tennis
2100 W. Fairy Chasm Road     Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53217-1599

Registration and Scheduling:
For first time registrations, send completed form with payment to University School of Milwaukee, 2100 W. Fairy Chasm Road, Milwaukee, WI 53217 – BIG HITTERS TENNIS.

Sign-up for playing time by calling Andy at 414.687.1555 or Jim at 414.737.4748.  Once a block of lessons has been completed, players will need to renew their registration by submitting a check to the lead coach who will submit the payment to University School of Milwaukee’s Summer I.D.E.A.S. office.

Refund Policy:
There will be no refunds given if players do not use up all hours in their pre-paid package plan.  Paley Tennis will maintain scheduling records.

Rainy Day Policy:
If there is questionable weather, call 414.434.0704 at least 30-minutes prior to your scheduled lesson. If class is canceled due to rain, players may make up the class anytime throughout the summer.  If the lesson has been half-completed, there will be no refund.  Indoor site may be used at Paley Tennis Center, 414.434.0704, 2916 W. Vera Ave., Glendale.

Big Hitters, State-Ranked      
Paley Tennis

June 10 – July 26, & Aug 5 - Aug 9, 2013
Closed 7/4, 7/5, & 7/29 - 8/2

Name: _____________________  Grade (as of 9/13): _______  Birthdate: __________

Address: _______________________________  _________________________   ________________
                     (number, street name)                                   (city)                                                    (zip code)
Phone:_________________________         (Please circleGender:  M    F      USM Student:  Yes   No
(Circle selected time)              A:   U10                         B:U12, U14                   B:   U14, U16, U18
                                                 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.           8:00-10:00 a.m.                9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

(Circle Selected Package)    One 1.5-hour session:     $29          One 2-hour session:     $38        (#1958-1)

                                                      Five 1.5-hour sessions:  $115         Five 2-hour sessions:  $150      (#1958-5)

                                                      Ten 1.5-hour sessions:   $215        Ten 2-hour sessions:   $280      (#1958-10)



Player’s  Name:  ______________________________

Parent(s)’ Name(s): ___________________________     Parent e-mail address:  _________________________
                                          (Indicate Title: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.)
Address: _______________________________  _________________________   ________________
                     (number, street name)                                   (city)                                                    (zip code)

Home Phone: _______________________________      

Parent Cell Phone:  __________________________        Parent Business Phone:  _________________________

I consent to my child’s participation in I.D.E.A.S. at USM activities.  I also consent to and authorize the provision of emergency medical treatment for my child until I can be contacted and agree to be responsible for the cost.  Please notify the school office, in writing, regarding any medical information that should be on file.

_____________________________________________                   ________________________________
                              Signature of Parent or Guardian                                                                      Date

USM has permission to use my child’s photograph in promotional materials.    We will assume permission is granted unless otherwise indicated.  YES      NO    (Please initial)

In case of emergency if parent cannot be reached, call.

________________________________     _____________________________     _________________________
                               Name                                                           Relationship                                                     Phone
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